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A Unique Olive Oil

Nature is queen in this oasis of greenery overlooking the Principality of Monaco. More than four hundred olive trees are cared for offering enthusiasts an exceptional olive oil starting from December 2019, cold pressed at the Domaine.

The Domaine and its History

The Domaine des Comtes de la Bordina is located on the heights of the Principality of Monaco in an area formerly known as "Monte Carlo Superior". From 1894 to 1932, the plateau of La Bordina was one of the favourite stops of passengers of the funicular railway linking La Turbie to the Principality of Monaco for its breathtaking view from the Italian coast to the Prince's Palace. 

The Domaine was founded in 1930 by Count Edmond de Fels. In 1984 Count Giancarlo Bonifazi di Statte and his wife Lydia were enchanted by the Domaine and became its owners. 

The Count and his wife put all their efforts in restoring the Domaine's splendor of yesteryear and resumed an existing citrus production. Together, they had a daughter, Simona. She will one day take an active part in her parents project. 

The Count is of Merovingian descent and is a member of one of the oldest families in Europe. Coincidentally, the first owner of the Domaine was also a descendant of the Merovingians. These two closely related families attraction to this land may not have been a coincidence after all.

The Domaine Today

At the Domaine, nature is present and respected. Home to many adopted animals, dogs, cats, rabbits, horses, a pony, a donkey and even sheep. 

Nature being the centrepiece of the Domaine, is composed of Aleppo pines strewing the alleys of its gardens. More than four hundred olive trees proudly standing on century-old terraces. Many fig trees, their roots digging deep to gather water to bring their fruits to life. Almond trees here and there to decorate the Domaine’s greenery with beautiful white flowers before spring. Citruses for a touch of bitter. And many wild plants such as marjoram, mint and sage to spice dishes.

The Olive Oil

Simona has taken over the project of harvesting the olive trees through a traditional process, a patented cold press and by hand picking the olives. The result: an exceptional and rare olive oil with a unique flavor. 

All olives used to produce the olive oil are harvested at the Domaine. Rainwater is collected and then used to water the olive trees by a drip irrigation system. 

Simona cold presses the olives under twenty four hours after collection using a patented press. The olive oil is then decanted with water without using a separator. This process preserves all the organoleptic properties of the oil. 

The olive oil is bottled at the Domaine in dark bottles to further preserve its quality and characteristics. 

The sale of the olive oil will start at the end of 2019.

Finger Limes

To complement the olive oil, this citrus fruit from Australia is very popular with contemporary chefs. This fruit consists of a multitude of either pink, red or yellow granules popping under the palate, giving a sweet and sour taste. One hundred and fifty shrubs have been planted to add a touch of exoticism to this beautiful composition of nature surrounding the Principality.